Bio Diversity

In 2019 Woodford Parish Development (WPD) launched a new brand for our community – Grá don Ghráig. The brand reflects our love of our home place of Woodford.  The logo is green to represent our natural environment and our promotion of sustainability.  The Irish language relates to our heritage and identity.

Woodford Parish is a place that focuses on caring for our environment, a community that respects and understands our role in nature. We do not simply inhabit our environment; we are a vital component that interacts with other components to create our environment.

The Woodford Biodiversity and Heritage Plan launched in 2021 covers a large area from a radius up to 5 km  around Woodford Village up to the shores of Loughatorick. Each area has its  own natural beauty and its own challenges.  Actions under the 5 elements of the plan have already started (duck nests, bat & bird boxes, flower  meadow), are in progress (solitary bees and pollinator friendly verge management, build heritage, burial ground and graveyard inventory & management) or are in  preparation with the need a lot of qualified professional input (invasive species  control, river quality, freshwater pearl mussels).

Included in the plan are presentations of good practice examples (movies,  designs), education and awareness around the proposed actions and DIY  initiatives e.g. make your own bird-box to hang in your garden, plant your own tree (hundreds of trees have been distributed within the community to  commemorate lost loved ones). Many of the actions in the plan will be repeated  on an annual basis. 


Ongoing activities to enter Woodford into the annual Supervalu Tidy Towns competition administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development. The competition is judged under various headings:

Community Planning and Involvement; Streetscape and Public areas; Green Spaces and Landscaping; Nature and Biodiversity; Sustainability; Tidiness and Litter Control; Residential Streets and Housing; Approach Roads, Streets and Lanes.

Flora -

a heightened awareness of native species and management plans for  certain species to bring the focus back to the seasonal beauty that we wish to  preserve and protect.

Education -

– the key tenet of our plan, creating events to engage people;  publishing information; collecting and documenting local knowledge to preserve  our cultural heritage as a living history.

Fauna -

– looking at species that are native to our area, that perhaps we take for  granted and that now need our help to preserve them for generations to come.

Built Heritage -

– the stories of stone and the building or sites of special significance  to our ancestors in a time when humans lived more in harmony with the land  and their surroundings.

Habitats -

we are not the only species to call Woodford our home and the aim of habitats is to improve the living standards for all of us.